GARDENA - Pump - Pressure Tank Unit 3700/4

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Powerful and sustainable water supply for home and garden

The GARDENA Pressure Tank Unit 3700/4 is a sustainable and powerful solution for automated water supply in the home and garden. After a simple installation, the domestic tank unit becomes an integral part of the plumbing system and allows you to use rainwater or well water for watering the garden or as service water in your household, for example for toilets. The water collected in wells, cisterns or rain barrels is moved by the powerful electric pump to where it is needed in the house and garden. The Pressure Tank Unit 3700/4 delivers an impressive output of 4.1 bar at 800 W and can pump up to 3700 litres of water per hour from a depth of up to 7 metres. It has a 19-litre water tank with a low-maintenance EPDM membrane and can be easily filled or emptied manually. A drain plug allows the water to be quickly drained from the tank, for example when frost is forecasted. The compact Pressure Tank Unit from GARDENA not only saves space, but also impresses with a robust glass-fibre reinforced plastic housing and a ceramic double-sealing system with a pump shaft made of stainless steel. An integrated thermal stop switch protects it from any risk of overheating damage. It has a non-return valve and high-quality brass threaded inserts. These aspects not only increase the durability, but also make it easier for you to use the unit as a reliable, low-maintenance permanent fixture in your home's plumbing. The practical pressure gauge always shows the current pressure in the storage tank. The additional G1" double connection outlet makes the use of the Pressure Tank Unit 3700/4 even more versatile, as you can attach high-quality original GARDENA System products and accessories. You receive 5-year warranty from GARDENA on this sustainable, powerful, and German-engineered domestic Pressure Tank Unit with a simple online registration. Feel the power of GARDENA pumps with more than 40 years' experience in drainage, irrigation, and domestic use.


Sustainable, efficient, and powerful

The Pressure Tank Unit 3700/4 is both sustainable and environmentally friendly, as well as being particularly efficient thanks to its powerful output. The 800 W motor delivers a maximum pressure of 4.1 bar and 3700 litres of water can be pumped per hour. Whether for washing machines, toilets or watering the garden - the water goes exactly where it is needed.


User-friendly and easy to operate

The Pressure Tank Unit is easy to operate as well as being simple to fill or empty the 19-litre water tank with a durable, low-maintenance EPDM membrane.


Robust, safe, and compact

The compact Pressure Tank Unit 3700/4 is space-saving and has an especially durable, glass-fibre reinforced plastic housing and a ceramic double-sealing system. The non-return valve and the high-quality brass threaded inserts ensure problem-free connection, even with fixed piping.


Quick and easy installation

The installation and integration of the Pressure Tank Unit into existing plumbing systems, for example in the laundry room or a garden system, is particularly simple and stress-free.


Pressure gauge and additional G1" double adaptor

In addition to a built-in pressure gauge, the Pressure Tank Unit 3700/4 has an additional G1" double connector outlet. This connection allows the simple and uncomplicated connection of OGS elements for even more versatility.


Brass non-return valve

The essential non-return valve is already included with this product. Thanks to high-quality brass G1" external thread, the unit is compatible with a wide range of pipes and hoses without extra adapters.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 9023-53
EAN-Code 4066407002685
Power rating 800 Watts
Mains Voltage 230 V
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Max. delivery capacity 3700 l/h
Max. pressure 4,1 Bar
Max self priming suction height 7 meters
Working pressure 1,5 - 2,8 Bar
Permitted internal pressure
6 Bar
Sound power level 78/82 Decibel
Power cable length 1,5 meters
Weight approximate 13,1 kg
Max. media temperature 35 °C
Tank capacity
19 litres
Warranty 5 Years

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