GARDENA - Clear Water Pump 9000

R 1,689.00


Fast and uncomplicated water drainage with high efficiency

Whether for pumping out rainwater barrels before winter or basement rooms in the event of flooding - you will feel the power of GARDENA pumps with the Clear Water Pump 9000 from GARDENA. This high performance, low energy consumption submersible pump is not only extremely powerful, but also particularly efficient. The motor of the drainage pump offers 300 W of power. At a maximum pressure of 0.6 bar and a delivery height of 6 m, up to 9000 litres of water can be pumped per hour. It offers a flat suction up to 2 mm. Thanks to its intelligent design and self-protective technologies, the pump remains safe and stable during operation. After use, it can be cleaned simply and easily, and it is convenient to transport with the practical carry handle. The adjustable float switch protects the pump against harmful dry run. The energy-saving pump from GARDENA offers various connection options for individual applications, using the easy GARDENA hose connection system. Hoses with a diameter of 25 mm (1") or 38 mm (1 ½") can be connected. In combination with a G1" thread, the Clear Water Pump 9000 becomes even more versatile. Whether as a drainage pump, a pump for groundwater or for use in your pool - this submersible pump, which is visually attractive and stylish, offers many application possibilities in your cellar or garden. With more than 40 years of expertise in drainage, irrigation and domestic use pumps, the renowned high quality of GARDENA and the attention to design detail will truly impress you.


Automatic Control

The float switch ensures that the pump is automatically switched on when a specific level is exceeded. If the level drops, the pump automatically switches off again. The switch-on and switch-off heights can be individually adjusted by locking the float switch on the pump housing at one of three different heights.


Continuous Manual Operation

By inserting the switch in the housing, the pump can be adjusted to continuous manual operation.


Modern and highly efficient

The Clear Water Pump 9000 offers an impressive efficiency of 300 W with a maximum flow rate of 9000 litres per hour.


Feel the power of GARDENA pumps

With a maximum delivery height of 6 m at a pressure of 0.6 bar, the pump is now even more powerful and suitable for even more applications. It offers a flat suction up to 2 mm.


Simple Operation

The practical handle and the intelligent design not only allow an uncomplicated use, but also easy storage of the submersible pump, thanks to the cable wind up function.


Easy hose connection system

The submersible pump allows the flexible connection of hoses with a diameter of 25 (1") and 38 mm (1 ½") and connection with a G1" thread for further options.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 9030-53
EAN-Code 4066407002692
Power rating 300 Watts
Max. delivery capacity 9000 l/h
Max. pressure 0.6 Bar
Max. delivery head 6 metre
Draws from pump base with minimum submersion depth 7 metres
Min./Max. cut in height 250 / 390 mm
Min./Max. cut out height 45 / 90 mm
Residual water level 2 mm
Max. submersion depth 7 metres
Fastening rope length 15 metres
Power cable length 10 metres
Weight approximate 4,1 kg
Max. liquid temperature 35 °C
Warranty 5 Years

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