GARDENA - - Rain Water Tank Pump 4700/2 Inox

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Rainwater ready to use in your garden at high pressure

GARDENA's Rain Water Tank Pump 4700/2 Inox is a high performance, low power consumption pump to help you recycle water from your water butt in your garden. If you collect rainwater in your garden or terrace this pump will help you use it to irrigate your plants, while at the same time saving water consumption. The powerful 550 W motor and two-stage hydraulic system deliver a maximum flow rate of 4700 litres of water per hour at a pressure of 2.3 bar. The efficient Rainwater Tank Pump gives you reliable quality thanks to first-class manufacture, German engineering, and high-quality materials, such as the robust stainless steel housing and pump shaft. The innovative self-protection technologies such as the adjustable float switch ensure maximum durability of your Rain Tank Pump 4700/2 Inox. This protects the pump from any dry-running damage in case of an empty rain barrel. The switch-on and switch-off height of the pump can be adjusted easily to suit your needs. If a residual water height of 5 mm is required, the pump can be set to a practical continuous-on function. The durable aluminium telescopic tube and the regulating valve make using the pump even more versatile and adaptable. You can simply adjust the telescopic tube between 670 and 870 mm to fit the size of your rainwater tank. If you need extra a 210 mm extension tube is available from GARDENA. Once the telescopic is fitted perfectly in place you can drain the collected rainwater over the rim of the tank with no blockages or leaks. You can use the included regulating valve to adjust the flow rate as required or shut it off completely. The Rain Tank Pump 4700/2 Inox has an integrated fine filter, which protects the pump from blockages caused by dirt particles, it can be removed and cleaned very easily. Designed for use in tight spaces the pump is narrow enough to be inserted in openings with a diameter of 150 mm. Not only is installation particularly easy - transport and storage of the pump is simple thanks to the telescopic tube and practical handle. The pump's efficiency and performance make it ideal for use with separately available Aqua Sprinklers such as the GARDENA AquaZoom. Perfect for keeping your plants looking lush and healthy. Simply register online to receive a five-year warranty on this pump from GARDENA. Feel the power of GARDENA pumps with more than 40 years of experience in drainage, irrigation, domestic use.

Five-year warranty extension with registration

GARDENA offers a five-year warranty extension if you register your product at within three months of purchase.


Outstanding pressure performance

Thanks to the 2-step hydraulic system this pump is has an outstanding pressure performance making it suitable also for applications with high pressure demand.


Aluminium telescopic pipe

The telescopic pipe can be adjusted to the appropriate length for your rain barrel (760 – 960 mm). This ensures that the water is led over the edge of the barrel without loss.


Stainless steel pump body

Quality components make quality equipment. The 4700 l/hour capacity body of the 4700/2 model is wrapped in a jacket of high quality, robust inox stainless steel.


Adjustable floating switch

The pump features an adjustable floating switch. Once water falls below a certain level, the pump will switch off to prevent dry running.


Slim design for narrow openings

Fits through 150mm openings, e.g. in IBC containers


Ideal for the oscillating sprinkler AquaZoom

This pump can easily be connected to the AquaZoom oscillating sprinkler from GARDENA and many more. This keeps your garden irrigated at all times.


Integrated fine mesh filter

Thanks to the integrated and easily accessible fine filter, the pump is protected against blockages. Cleaning is then particularly easy.


Transport of delight

Whether the carrying handle or at the attached telescopic pipe. The pump is easy to store or to transport it to another location.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 1764-53
EAN-Code 4066407002722
Power rating 550 W
Max. delivery capacity 4700 l/h
Max. pressure 2.3 Bar
Max. delivery head 23 meters
Max. submersion depth 7 meters
Min. residual water level 5 mm
Min. submersion depth 60 mm
Tap connection (out) Tap connector
Power cable length 10 meters
Weight approximate 4,9 kg
Max. liquid temperature 35 °C
Special features Telescopic aluminum pipe, regulating and shut-off valve, stainless-steel housing, connection thread and shaft
.Warranty 5 Years

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