GARDENA - Water Control Master

R 2,225.00


Flexible automatic irrigation thanks to 6 individual watering schedules

With the GARDENA Water Control Master, the irrigation can be particularly flexibly and individually planned. Up to six different and independent schedules can be created. The control is battery-operated, is connected directly to the tap and can easily be operated using only a rotary and push switch for selection of the data and for confirmation. An easily-legible, fully-graphic LC display shows all settings at a glance. The menu can be selected in 10 languages. The weatherproof operating unit can be removed. It is easy to centrally adapt the watering duration or to stop all irrigation during a phase of bad weather. The unit is ideal for controlling the GARDENA Water Distributor automatic. The Water Control Master can also be used in combination with a GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor.

Automatic and time-saving irrigation

Using a GARDENA Water Control, your garden can be reliably and conveniently watered – even if you are not at home. You obtain more leisure time, have a lush green lawn and also beautiful, healthy plants. If the automatic irrigation system is started in the early morning hours or the evenings, less water evaporates. This saves money and ensures targeted, optimised irrigation.

Easy operation

The Water Control can easily be adjusted using a rotary and push switch for selection of the data and for confirmation. An easily-legible LC display shows all settings at a glance. The weatherproof operating unit can be removed to carry out the settings. Thanks to an optional key lock, inadvertent adjustment of the settings can be prevented.

Flexible irrigation with 6 schedules

Six independent schedules can be created for irrigation purposes. The start, duration and weekdays of the irrigation can be adjusted. Highly flexible plans can be set according to your personal tastes. Plant connoisseurs use this for example for additional pre-watering which prepares the soil and roots for the later, main irrigation. This improves the water absorption and plant growth.

Adaptation to the weather conditions

If the weather changes, the watering duration can be reduced centrally in 10% steps or the irrigation can be stopped during a phase of bad weather for 1 to 7 days.

‘Water Now’ function

If the irrigation has to be started immediately, this can be manually activated without removing the unit from the tap or changing the settings.

‘Safe Stop’ technology

The Water Control always works reliably due to the ‘Safe Stop’ technology. If the energy levels of the battery are too low to completely control an irrigation process, then this process is not commenced. The battery level indication in the display also tells you when the battery has to be replaced.

Water-saving operation

On connection of the GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor, the automatic irrigation is not activated if the soil moisture is sufficient. This permits an improved water supply for plants as well as water-saving irrigation.

Irrigation of several garden areas

In combination with the GARDENA Water Distributor automatic (Art. No. 1197), up to six different connecting devices can be individually time-controlled.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 1892-20
EAN-Code 4078500045636
Watering duration 0 h 1 min - 4 h 0 min
Watering frequency individual selection of irrigation days
Warranty 2 Years

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