GARDENA - Blade and Axe Sharpener 19cm

R 379.90


The knife and axe sharpener suitable for most common blades

The GARDENA Blade and Axe Sharpener is a versatile unit for the sharpening of knives, blades and axe tips. The grinding process is efficient and reliable as the guide slot is configured to sharpen in both directions. The ergonomically-shaped robust handle and the non-slip base ensure easy handling and user-safety while sharpening. Diamond-coated grinding disks and dual slots make for easy, convenient and flexible work across a wide variety of large and small tools. Perfect to quickly restore knives and axes to their original sharpness. 25-year warranty.

Easy and Quick
The design is not only aesthetically appealing, but also allows use by both right-handed and left-handed people. The specially-developed grinding disk design works in both directions on forward and backward strokes making sharpening fast and efficient.

Easy handling and stability– ErgoTec
The ergonomically-shaped handle guarantees easy handling and safe work. The rust-proof stainless steel insert in the handle contributes to high-quality design and durability.

Maximum quality
Diamond-coated grinding disks hone the blades repeatedly to the required sharpness and rapidly process the blades. The 25-year warranty underpins the guarantee of long-term reliability.

Protection and safety
The rubber nubs on the underside of the handle and grinding unit ensure a sturdy secure footing for safer use. The hand protection prevents the user from any possible injury.

Versatile and accurate
A universal sharpener that covers a wide range of axe tips and blades. The larger slot on the grinding unit is used for axes, and the smaller slot for blades. The guidance slots prevent the blades slipping while sharpening.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 8712-20
EAN-Code 4078500046718
Warranty 25 Years

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