GARDENA - Battery Telescopic Hedge Trimmer THS 42/18V P4A solo

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Battery hedge trimmer with telescopic handle for high hedges (Charger & Batteries sold separately)

High hedges protect privacy. But when they need to be trimmed, you’ll soon wish privacy weren’t such a priority, since that would make things a lot easier. Unless you use the GARDENA Battery Telescopic Hedge Trimmer THS 42/18V P4A. It can easily handle even three-metre-high hedges. Cutting on shaky ladders is a thing of the past, you can always stand safely on solid ground with both legs and you’ll never have to worry about power cables.

Thanks to a LED indicator directly on the handle, you are always aware of the current charge level. This tool is compatible with all batteries from the 18V FOR ALL ALLIANCE. Depending on the battery used, the product can reach a battery run time of up to 240 minutes and cut up to 600 square metres of hedge.

The telescopic trimmer weighs 3.0 kilograms without battery; its handle is ergonomically designed and it has an ideal centre of gravity. This means that it fits comfortably and securely in your hand even when the telescopic handle is fully extended, allowing you to use the full three-metre range.
Do you need to trim the hedgetop? Not a problem: the head of the trimmer can be tilted – a function that is also very convenient when cutting ground cover. You no longer have to bend down and it's easy on your knees.
Branches and twigs of up to 16 millimetres in thickness will fall without much effort; the optimised blade geometry ensures that every cut is made efficiently and cleanly. Thanks to the 42-centimetre blade length, you'll quickly get your hedges into shape across their entire width.

If you want to transport or store your telescopic hedge trimmer, you can separate it into two parts, easily and without tools.

The GARDENA Battery Telescopic Hedge Trimmer THS 42/18V P4A solo is supplied without battery and charger. You can use any 18V battery from the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE. These batteries can be used for numerous devices around the house and garden. So you save money and remain flexible! Would you prefer to buy the product with the battery and charger included? Not a problem – then the Ready-To-Use Set is the right one for you. Passion powered by GARDENA – Battery garden equipment that gives you the freedom to create.



For hedges of up to three metres high

The lightweight battery telescopic hedge trimmer fits comfortably in the hand thanks to its ergonomically designed handle and ideal centre of gravity. So you can cut high hedges with little effort and a secure footing – at heights of up to three metres, when the telescopic handle is fully extended.


Select the battery to suit your needs

Supplied without batteries and charger, this telescopic hedge trimmer is compatible with all 18V POWER FOR ALL batteries and chargers. Depending on the battery selected, the product can reach a battery run time of up to 240 minutes and cut up to 600 square metres of hedge.


LED indicator

The clearly visible LED indicator directly on the tool provides information on the current battery charge status. So you always know how long you can continue working – or when it’s time for a well-deserved break.


The cutting head can be tilted

At the push of a button, you can simply tilt the cutting head by up to 90 degrees if you want to cut the hedgetops or ground cover. You can do it comfortably – and without any strain.


Best cutting results

The blades are durable and robust. The blade geometry is perfectly designed – for a precise, clean, fast cut. You’ll hardly need to use any force at all.

The 18V POWER FOR ALL battery – more than just a battery

The POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE is one of the largest cross-brand battery alliances of leading manufacturers, whose batteries can be used in numerous devices. This allows you to save money while remaining flexible!

Three-year warranty with registration

GARDENA offers a three-year warranty extension on all 18V POWER FOR ALL products, as long as you register your product at within three months of purchase.

Teeth opening 16 mm
Vibration & noise data
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 90 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear 72 dB(A)
Vibration (ah) Vibration max ah 1 m/s²

Technical Specifications

Article-No 14732-55
EAN-Code 4078500054294
Warranty 2 Years

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