GARDENA - City Gardening Balcony Box

R 879.90

The perfect set for balcony and terrace gardeners.

The GARDENA Balcony Box is the perfect set for all balcony and terrace gardeners. This set includes a trowel, a grubber, secateurs and a hand brush. All of these tools, along with additional utensils, have room in the spacious plastic box, which has a lid that doubles as a dustpan. The set is a handy holder of everything you need for caring for and landscaping balcony and terrace gardens.

Smart Storage

The spacious plastic box protects hand tools and other utensils against dirt and weather conditions. The box can also be mounted on a wall.

Flexible Use

The cover of the box lid is equipped with a rubber lip, allowing it to double as a dustpan.


The compact GARDENA Trowel is ideally suited for planting and transferring plants in balcony boxes or flowerpots.


The soil in balcony boxes and flowerpots can be loosened up easily using the compact GARDENA Grubber.

Hand Brush

Soil and other dirt can be conveniently swept up with the GARDENA Hand Brush. The soft, dense bristles deliver excellent cleaning results.


The GARDENA Balcony Secateurs is especially adapted for use by balcony and terrace gardeners and cuts flowers, herbs, thin branches and much more. The blades are made of stainless steel. The shears have two adjustable handle positions for adapting to the relevant cutting objects and a single-hand safety lock.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 8970-20
EAN-Code 4078500023863

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