GARDENA - ClickUp! Handle

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ClickUp! - All-season lifestyle system: The ClickUp! Handle for a unique feel good garden design

One handle - many possibilities! The GARDENA ClickUp! Handle is the base element for a feel good home garden designed to be used with a wide range of ClickUp! attachments. The range includes decorative and practical elements for every season: from a stylish flower bowl for spring, an inviting insect hotel, or an elegant torch for cool autumn evenings. The practical thing is that with the innovative GARDENA ClickUp! all-season lifestyle system, the attachments can be exchanged very easily. The practical One-Click mechanism allows you to attach your elements simply, quickly and securely. The pole has a modern design and is made of high-quality, durable materials so that you can enjoy your garden accessories for a long time. It consists of FSCĀ® 100 %-certified larch wood with a robust stainless steel end piece for the base. The simple, high-quality design can be optimally integrated into your garden and create a harmonious overall picture. With the matching attachment the overall picture is a unique eye-catcher! The pointed, stainless steel end provides a firm and stable anchorage in the ground. With the help of the included Little Helper, an additional push stick to ease fixing the handle into the ground, you can easily press the stick into the ground and you don't need any further tools. GARDENA gives a five-year warranty on the handle, guaranteeing you the highest quality. Give your garden some individual character with the ClickUp! Handle and matching decorative elements for the whole season. The all-season lifestyle system.



For all four seasons

The GARDENA ClickUp! Handle is the basic building block for an individual modern garden design system for the whole year! The ClickUp! range offers different elements for spring, summer, autumn and winter. The stylish attachments can be attached to the handle as desired and replaced at any time.


The ClickUp! System

With the innovative One-Click fastening, the attachments can be easily and securely attached to the ClickUp! Handle. Feel free to change and swap the attachments whenever you desire. Once engaged, the connection is stable and wobble-free.


Premium Design

Tangible quality! The robust ClickUp! Handle consists of an FSCĀ® 100 %-certified larch wood handle and a stable stainless steel end piece.


Firmly anchored

The robust stainless steel point ensures a stable floor fixing. With the help of a steel rod, anchoring in the ground is simplified.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 11300-20
EAN-Code 4078500054478
Warranty 5 Years

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