GARDENA - ClickUp! TorchFireplace

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ClickUp! The all-season lifestyle system. For a garden that gives you a warm glow.

The GARDENA ClickUp! TorchFireplace skillfully sets the scene in your garden with its warm glow. This garden torch is part of the GARDENA ClickUp! assortment, a flexible decoration system for individual garden design. The ClickUp! attachments can be attached to the ClickUp! Handle (made of larch wood) using the One-Click Connector and changed very easily. This connection remains extremely stable and wobble-free after clicking into place, so that the torch cannot fall down. The oil torch holds 350 ml of common lamp oil. When filled up the flame of the ClickUp! TorchFireplace will last at least six hours and creates an impressive atmosphere in your garden. The torch impresses both with its high quality and stylish design. The high quality hiteproof stainless steel plate is elegantly shaped and enhances every garden. In addition, the curved steel sheet acts as wind and rain protection, which prevents damage to the lamp. The use and handling of the torch is of course safe. The torch meets the safety requirements for decorative oil lamps in every respect and the flame is safely extinguished with the help of the enclosed spoon. The oil tank is non-drip so that no fuel can drip from the torch. The GARDENA ClickUp! TorchFireplace comes with a five-year warranty. The all-season lifestyle system for a garden that gives you a warm glow.



ClickUp! The all-season lifestyle system

The all-season lifestyle system GARDENA ClickUp! is a flexible garden design system. You can arrange your garden in a completely individual way with various attachment elements.


Atmospheric lighting

The tank of the garden torch holds 350 ml of common lamp oil. When filled up, this torch creates a cosy atmosphere with its warm light for at least six hours.


Flexible and sturdy

With the practical One-Click connection, the ClickUp! TorchFireplace can be easily attached to the wooden handle. The connection between the two elements is extremely stable and wobble-free.



The bent metal sheet provides safe protection against wind and rain, so that the torch remains protected and the flame cannot be blown out in wind.


High level of safety

Thanks to the drip-proof tank, no fuel spillage is possible. The flame is safely extinguished with the included spoon at a distance. Neither people nor the environment can be injured or damaged in this way.


Quality and design

The ClickUp! TorchFireplace impresses not only with its stylish design, but also with quality. The elegantly shaped hiteproof stainless steel plate is an absolute eye-catcher in your garden.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 11360-20
EAN-Code 4078500054577
Use Lighting
Diameter mm 100 mm
Warranty 5 Years

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