GARDENA - Pump Unit 3700/4

R 2,539.00


The complete efficient garden pump set perfect for beginners

The GARDENA Garden Pump 3700/4 Set is a complete starter set, not just user-friendly but also powerful and versatile. It offers everything for direct use and easy installation. With a pressure of 4.1 bar and an motor output of 800 W, the Garden Pump 3700/4 is extremely powerful and efficient, engineered in Germany. It can pump around 3700 litres of water in one hour from a depth of up to 7 metres. It is ideal for watering your garden, boosting pressure, pumping out and transferring tap water, rainwater, or chlorinated pool water. High-quality materials and first-class manufacturing make the pump particularly reliable. This is quality is ensured by ceramic protection, a stainless steel shaft and the double-sealing system between motor and pump drive. The integrated thermal circuit breaker, which protects the motor from overloading, also contributes to the long service life. When in operation, the garden pump is quiet and low vibration thanks to the robust rubber feet, which provide a safe, stable stand. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to transport the pump wherever it is needed in your garden. A large filling opening allows you to fill it with water on your own, without using a funnel. When there is a threat of frost in the chilly autumn and winter months, the practical water drain plug on the pump comes in useful. This allows the remaining water to be quickly and easily drained, preventing water from freezing inside the Garden Pump 3700/4 and causing possible damage. In combination with the practical accessories of the Garden Pump 3700/4 Set from GARDENA you will experience performance, convenience, and durability in a great all-round package. After a simple online registration, GARDENA offers a 5-year warranty on this set. Feel the power of GARDENA pumps with more than 40 years of experience in drainage, irrigation, domestic use.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 9014-53
EAN-Code 4066407002715
Power rating 800 Watts
Mains Voltage 230 V
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Max. delivery capacity 3700 l/h
Max. pressure 4,1 Bar
Max self priming suction height 7 metres
Outlet 33.33 thread for attaching tap connector which allows connection of 13mm or 19mm hose
Permitted internal pressure
6 Bar
Sound power level 77/80 Decibel
Power cable length 1,5 meters
Weight approximate 8,2 kg
Max. media temperature 35 °C
Warranty 5 Years

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