Manifold - 6 Station system (Underground Valve Box)

R 697.35



Components used:-

  • 3 x Manifold Cross Unions - Male 25mm (1") (MM111)
  • 1 x Manifold Inlet - Male 25mm (1") (MM130)
  • 1 x Manifold End Cap - Male 25mm (1") (MM140)
  • 2 x Manifold Coupling (MM150)
  • 8 x Manifold Plain Clips (MM160)
The Emjay® Manifold is a strong, versatile and easy to use system for irrigation valves.
  • It can be used in manual or automatic systems with either manual or electric solenoid valves.
  • The unique clip-together system is easy to use, extendable and needs no tools.
  • This versatile system has a large range of fittings which allow for numerous configurations and setups.
  • It is robust and durable having been extensively tested at 16Bar with over 30,000 test cycles completed
  • Rated at a maximum operating pressure of 14Bar.
How does it work?
Emjay® Manifold Fittings are assembled by simply inserting the coupling between two fittings, pressing the fittings together and sliding the locking clips over the ends. Each join requires two clips and a coupling, except the inlet and end cap which have built in couplings.
The Emjay® Manifold can be installed underground in a valve box, using the standard locking clips or it can be mounted on the wall using the specially designed wall mount clips. The Wall Mount Clips have pre-drilled mounting holes and are designed to keep the manifold far enough away from the wall to allow access to the nut to connect the valves while in place. It is, however, recommended that the manifold is first mounted onto a board or similar rigid material to ensure that it is mounted flat.
Emjay® Manifold Union Fittings have a special BSP / ACME Nipple for attaching electric valves. The BSP side is screwed tightly against the o’ring which seals against the edge of the valve. The ACME side is tightened against the manifold body which seals against manifold body o’ring.

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