GARDENA - Cutting & Rose Glove Large

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The ideal glove for working with thorny plants like e.g. roses

If you wear the Rose Glove in size L from GARDENA, you can work with care and at the same time be well-protected. The gardening glove for large hands is designed with a long cuff with adjustable wrist closure. This combination reliably protects your wrist and your lower forearms. In addition, particularly sensitive areas such as fingers and the palm are protected by aramid material. This material is puncture-resistant, so thorny plants are no longer a problem. Just as practical: You can use the gardening glove with the Mobile Touch function on your thumb and index finger to easily operate the touch screen of a smartphone or tablet. Tiresome taking off of gloves is a thing of the past with the smartphone-enabled glove. A further material feature used for the glove for roses is that it not only protects you, but also has Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and is therefore free of harmful substances.

38% polyester, 32% nylon, 16% polyurethane, 8% aramid, 4% cotton, 2% elastane



No rose without a thorn - no problem!

The cutting and rose glove has a long cuff with wrist closure. This protects the wrist and the lower forearm when working with thorny plants such as rose bushes or holly.


Puncture resistant palm

Aramid material on the fingers and palm ensures that these sensitive areas are protected from punctures.


With Mobile Touch

The clever Mobile Touch function on the tips of the thumb and index finger allows you to operate a smartphone or tablet without taking off the glove.

WEB ONLY - 11500-20-T-002

With Oeko-Tex®

The glove has Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, which means that the textiles used are free of harmful substances.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 11541-20
EAN-Code 4078500053235
Warranty 2 Years

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