GARDENA - Classic 6 Pattern Sprinkler Boogie

R 357.10

The sprinkler for different irrigation shapes

The GARDENA Classic 6 Pattern Sprinkler Boogie is the sprinkler for many different requirements. You have six different use options, select which area is to be irrigated by Pattern Sprinkler Boogie.

The all-rounder

The GARDENA Classic 6 Pattern Sprinkler Boogie is highly variable: from circle to rectangle, it can irrigate six different irrigation areas.

Easy to operate

The desired area can be easily selected by turning the rotary dial on the sprinkler – quickly and conveniently, the desired area is irrigated.

Stable-standing and mobile

The sturdy base guarantee a stable stand – even on a slope or on uneven ground, and allow mobile use of the sprinkler.

Can be combined with the GARDENA Sprinkler Tripod

Combined with the Sprinkler Tripod, you can water your plants from above – for even irrigation of higher plants.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 2073-20
EAN-Code 4078500207300
Range of Spray (m) circle: ø max. 10 m / 80 m²; semicircle: r = max. 8 m / 100 m²; square: max. 8 x 8 m / 64 m²; rectangle: max. 16 x 2 m / 32 m²; ellipse: max. 3 x 5 m / 11 m²; jet: ø max. 1.5 m
Warranty 5 Years

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