GARDENA Classic Cylinder Mower 400 mm

R 3,049.00


For a precisely trimmed lawn

The Cylinder Lawnmower Classic 400 from GARDENA allows you to mow your lawn in an environmentally friendly way, saving electricity, and cutting quietly. The manual lawnmower uses a contact-free precision cutting technique. When pushed, the hardened, non-stick coated cutting cylinder made of quality steel rotates past a fixed counter-blade. The special design feature means the cutting cylinder and the bottom blade do not touch each other, allowing comfortable and quiet operation as well as easy pushing. This allows you to trim blades of grass on an area of up to 200 m² for a well-manicured lawn with exactly as much precision as with lawn shears. The handle shape offers you a good grip and steering the cylinder mower is made easier by the two large wheels with special tread. You can set the cutting height in four stages between 12 and 42 mm with the help of the regulator. The practical, separately available GARDENA Grass Catcher (Art. No. 4029-20) is the matching accessory for immediately collecting the cuttings. Thanks to its low weight of 8.9 kg, the lawnmower impresses with good mobility. You can fold the cylinder lawnmower quickly and easily thanks to the folding handle. This makes storage particularly space-saving and transport easy. The Cylinder Lawnmower Classic 400 is a quality product made in Europe, supported by a ten-year manufacturer's warranty from GARDENA.


Pleasant work

Due to the contact-free cutting technique of the Hand Cylinder Lawnmower – cutting cylinder and bottom blade do not touch – mowing is particularly low-noise. Easy and pleasant pushing is also thereby guaranteed.

Easy transport

Easy to carry due to shaped handle (2 grip possibilities).

Easy cutting height adjustment

The cutting height can be easily adjusted in 4 steps and can be easily read on a two-sided control scale.

Easy steering and good grip

Large wheels facilitate steering and allow good grip on the lawn.


The handle of the Hand Cylinder Lawnmower can be divided, thus guaranteeing space-saving storage and easy transport.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 4018-20
EAN-Code 4078500007580
Weight 8.9 kg
Cutting width 40 cm
Cutting height min 12 mm
Cutting height max 42 mm
Warranty 5 Years

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