GARDENA - Classic Spray Sprinkler Fox

R 157.80

The Spray Sprinkler for smaller areas

The price-favourable GARDENA Classic Spray Sprinkler Fox irrigates smaller areas particularly well. The Spray Sprinkler is securely mounted on a spike. With this, you can easily and securely fix the GARDENA Classic Spray Sprinkler Fox in the lawn or ground.

Gentle on plants

The mobile Spray Sprinkler, with its fine mist spray, is especially well suited for irrigating small areas and is gentle on fragile plants and seedlings.

Also for the smallest areas

The irrigated area with a diameter of maximum 11 m can be simply reduced through reduction of the water pressure – for the targeted irrigation of smallest areas.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 1951-20
EAN-Code 4078500195102
Area coverage min 9 m² / 100 m²
Range of Spray (m) max. 11 m
Warranty 5 Years

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