GARDENA - ClickUp! SolarLamp

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For a garden that gives you outdoor evening fun

You can enjoy relaxing evenings outdoors with the ClickUp! SolarLamp by GARDENA. Whether you are organising a cosy evening in the garden with friends or want atmospheric lighting for your balcony, this is an ideal choice. The SolarLamp is part of the ClickUp! all-season lifestyle system and can be used all year round. It stands out with its practical One-Click connection so you can attach the ClickUp! SolarLamp quickly and easily to the ClickUp! Handle or the ClickUp! BalconyClamp (each sold separately). The connection between the two elements is wobble-free and extremely stable. The light impresses with its modern and stylish design. The polycrystalline solar module stores solar energy from the day and provides an even ambient light for about six hours in the evening hours. Simple to operate, you only have to switch on the power button so that the solar garden light is ready for use and starts to shine at dusk. It is active until you press the button again, which switches it off. The solar module is powered by a standard Ni-MH battery (size AA 2500 mAh 1.2V), which can be replaced if necessary. GARDENA gives you a five-year warranty on the high-quality ClickUp! SolarLamp. ClickUp! The all-season lifestyle system. For a garden that gives you outdoor evening fun.



ClickUp! The all-season lifestyle system

ClickUp! The all-season lifestyle system is a flexible garden decoration system. With the help of the easy to attach ClickUp! Handle or the ClickUp! BalconyClamp, you can easily decorate your own garden or balcony with different decorative elements for every season.

Flexible and stable

With the practical One-Click connection, the ClickUp! SolarLamp can be easily mounted on the ClickUp! Handle or to the ClickUp! BalconyClamp and can be detached again. The connection between the two elements is extremely stable and wobble-free.

Stylish, top-quality design

The SolarLamp combines a modern and elegant design with premium quality. The polycrystalline solar module stands for fast charging and a long service life, while the high-quality plastic material ensures atmospheric lighting for at least 6 hours.

Ready for use at the touch of a button

Switching on and off is very easy with the power button. Once switched on, the SolarLamp remains activated until the power button is pressed again to switch it off. In operation, the solar lamp switches on automatically during twilight.

Easy battery replacement

The SolarLamp is powered by a commercially available rechargeable Ni-MH battery (size AA 2500 mAh 1.2V), which can be conveniently replaced and is included.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 11440-20
EAN-Code 4078500057370
Use Illumination / Ambient Light
Diameter mm 152 mm
Battery capacity 2.5 Ah
Battery type NiMh
Battery voltage 1.5 V
Warranty 5 Years

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