GARDENA - combisystem Tool Rack Flex

R 369.90


Space-saving storage for combisystem attachments and handles

With the GARDENA combisystem Tool Rack Flex, you can provide space-saving storage for your GARDENA combisystem attachments and handles. The Tool Rack Flex is equipped with four tool holders, including a small hook for the storage of small tools, secateurs, and scissors, as well as a universal hook. The tool holders are flexible and freely pluggable, and you can rotate them in 30° steps to adjust their position to your needs. The holders are suited for the storage of your GARDENA combisystem and Original GARDENA System attachments. The universal hook allows you to store garden tools like spades. You can align the tool rack vertically or horizontally, to use the space on your wall in optimal fashion. Additionally, the tool rack offers space for up to four combisystem handles, thanks to the metal hangers. If you want to store more tools, you can extend the rack with the Tool Holder Flex (Art. No. 3507-20). Handles that are not part of the combisystem can be stored with Handle Holder Flex (Art. No. 3508-20) in horizontal alignment. After registration at within 3 months after purchase the combisystem Tool Rack Flex is supported by GARDENA with 25 years of warranty. Let your tool family grow. GARDENA combisystem. Interchangeable. Durable. For any gardening task.


Space-saving storage

The Tool Rack offers optimal and space-saving storage for GARDENA combisystem attachments and handles.

Flexible tool holder

The tool rack has four freely pluggable tool holders that can be rotated in 30° steps, including a small hook for small tools, scissors, and secateurs. Additionally, a universal hook for garden tools like spades is included. The holders are compatible with the GARDENA combisystem as well as the Original GARDENA System.

Easily extendable

For more flexibility, the Tool Rack can be aligned vertically or horizontally. It is possible to extend it with the Tool Holder Flex (Art. No. 3507-20) and the Handle Holder Flex (Art. No. 3508-20).

Storage for handles

Thanks to the metal hangers on the side, the tool rack offers storage space for up to four combisystem handles.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 3505-20
EAN-Code 4066407001992
Use Space saving storage solution for combisystem tools and handles. Also for original GARDENA system connecting tools, secateurs and scissors
Frost-protection High-quality plastic / metal
Warranty in years (after registration within 3 months of purchase) 25

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