GARDENA - EcoLine Bypass Secateur

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Neat cutting of flowers and young plant shoots. Plastic components now made from more than 80% recycled material.

The GARDENA EcoLine Secateurs are a modern and sustainable classic. The secateurs have a cutting diameter of 18 mm and work precisely and powerfully. They are ideally suited for cutting flowers and young plant shoots. Manufactured with plastic made from more than 80 percent recycled household waste, these secateurs are the eco-friendly option for green gardeners. The blades of the cutting head are made of stainless steel. More than 75 percent of the processed steel components of the secateurs are made of recycled material. The metal used is not only sustainable, durable and robust, but also provides an elegant and timeless design. The precision-ground blades use the bypass cutting principle for accurate, effortlessly cutting. Due to the ergonomic handle of the shears, cutting plants by hand is easy. Other practical features of the EcoLine secateurs are the additional sap groove and the wire cutting function. The shears can be easily locked and stored safely using the one-hand safety lock. The quality product is Made in Germany and is backed by a 25-year manufacturer's warranty from GARDENA. A natural choice for passionate gardeners. ReTh!nk - The new EcoLine range. Sustainably made. Aesthetically designed. Durably built.


Precise, ergonomic and modern

The EcoLine secateurs, with a cutting diameter of up to 18 mm, are ideal for precise cutting of flowers and young shoots.


Sustainably made

The EcoLine secateurs were developed sustainably. More than 80 percent of the plastic used is made from recycled material - especially household waste. In addition, the blades are made of stainless steel and the steel components of the shears are made of more than 75 percent recycled metal.

Aesthetically designed

The look of the secateurs is stylish and timeless in its design.

Durably built

The EcoLine secateurs are high-quality, durable and reliable.

Stainless steel blades with bypass cutting principle

The bypass cutting principle allows two precision-ground stainless steel blades to glide past each other as they cut, leaving a precise and clean cut.

Ergonomically shaped

Due to the ergonomic shape of the handle, the secateurs rest well in the hand at all times.

Safe storage

Due to the one-hand safety lock, the secateurs can be easily closed with one hand and safely stored after use.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 12210-20
EAN-Code 4078500057523
Maximum cutting diameter 18 mm
Cutting type Bypass
Upper blade Stainless steel
Warranty 25 Years

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