GARDENA - EcoLine Patio Weeder

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Optimal for removing moss and weeds between narrow slab gaps. Plastic components now made from more than 85% recycled material.

Effortless and sustainable - cleaning gaps in the driveway or on the terrace is fast and easy thanks to GARDENA's EcoLine patio weeder. The patio weeder is ideal for removing moss and weeds between narrow slab gaps, at wall edges, in driveways or between paving stones around the house. In no time at all, you'll have a neat and weed-free space. The plastic used consists of more than 85 percent recycled material, especially household waste. The stainless steel blade of the tool is ground on both sides and made of more than 45 percent recycled material. Weeds and moss can be precisely removed from all gaps and crevices. The handle end of the patio weeder has an elegant, waxed FSCĀ® 100%-certified wood grip, which makes your new garden helper look particularly stylish and natural. The material is not only sustainable, but also makes your weeding tool robust and durable. Scraping out weeds is particularly comfortable because of the ergonomically shaped handle. The EcoLine Patio Weeder is Made in Europe and is backed by a 25-year manufacturer's warranty from GARDENA. A natural choice for passionate gardeners. ReTh!nk - The new EcoLine range. Sustainably made. Aesthetically designed. Durably built.


Patio weeder for removing moss and weeds

The GARDENA EcoLine Patio Weeder is ideal for effortlessly removing moss and weeds from between paving stones, slab gaps and at the edges of walls.


Sustainably made

The EcoLine Patio Weeder was designed with sustainability in mind. The plastic used is made from more than 85 percent recycled material - mainly household waste. In addition, the steel of the blade is rustproof, all metal elements consist of at least 45 percent recycled material and the wood is FSCĀ® 100%-certified.

Aesthetically designed

The look of the patio weeder is stylish and timeless.

Durably built

The high-quality materials ensure the EcoLine Patio Weeder is particularly durable and sturdy.

Blade ground on both sides

The blade, ground on both sides, is made of stainless steel to accurately and precisely remove weeds and moss.

Comfortable handling

The ergonomically shaped handle of the patio weeder makes it comfortable and easy to use for scraping out gaps, crevices and edges.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 17704-20
EAN-Code 4078500057479
Use Removing grass, moss and weeds from the joints between stabs and on walls
Warranty 25 Years

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