GARDENA - Liano™ Hose Repairer 13 mm (1/2")

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For quick and easy repair of a Liano™ Textile Hose with a diameter of 13 mm (1/2").

The Textile Hose Liano™ Repairer 1/2" by GARDENA helps you repair your Liano™ with a diameter of 13 mm (1/2") in just a few steps. It is also ideal for connecting two Liano™ Hoses. The repairer is used if your Liano™ has suffered damage, for example from a robotic lawnmower. In this way, you are supporting sustainability, as you repair your hose, continuing to use it instead of throwing it away. You don't need any tools other than a pair of standard scissors for the repair, and each step is explained in the detailed instructions. First, use the scissors to cut out the damaged part of the Liano™. Now you insert the repairer and the clamping nut ensures that the two ends of the hose stay firmly together. The connection is reliable and tight again. Your Liano™ Hose is ready for the next use. The UV- and frost-resistant repairer can remain in the garden all year round. The high product quality is made in Europe and is reflected in the GARDENA manufacturer's warranty of five years after registration at within 3 months after purchase. Das Original GARDENA System.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 18230-20
EAN-Code 4066407501621
Use Quick Liano™ hose repair without tools: just cut out the damaged section, insert the hose repairer and the hose is back in use
Included Components Textile Hose Liano™Repairer 1/2"
Frost protection Yes
Warranty in years (after registration) 5 Years

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