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An ideal storage solution for the Liano™ textile hose.

The Liano™ TapFix hose storage by GARDENA can be quickly and easily connected to almost any water tap (G 1", G 3/4" and G 1/2") without any drilling or even using tools. Due to the clever design, you don't have to drill into a wall to fix on the storage box, it's simple and damage-free. The storage is ideal for the Liano™ textile hose from GARDENA and can easily store a length of hose of up to 20 meters. The distance between the tap and the ground must be at least 50 cm. The Liano™ TapFix and Liano™ textile hose can be stored on the tap throughout the year due to innovative UV and frost resistance. If the TapFix and textile hose Liano™ is be stored over the winter months, it can be simply hung up on the basement or garage wall using the hole on the back of the TapFix. GARDENA gives you a manufacturer's warranty of five years on the Liano™ TapFix.


Quick and easy assembly

The Liano™ TapFix can be connected to almost any water tap without drilling or using tools - 33.3 mm (G1") thread, 26.5 mm (G3/4") thread, 23 mm (G5/8") thread and 21mm (G1/2") thread


Undamaged walls

The clever design of the hose storage ensures that the wall neither gets scratched nor damaged by the Liano™ during use or storage.

UV/Frost resistent-P-001_4c

UV-resistant and frost-proof

The TapFix has innovative UV and frost resistance for long durability and year-round use.


Suitable for the textile hose Liano™

The TapFix is ideally suited for the Liano™ hose from GARDENA up to a maximum length of 20 meters.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 18590-20
EAN-Code 4078500058131
Frost-protection Yes
Warranty 5 Years

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