GARDENA Liano™ Hose Storage TapFix + 15 m Liano™

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Liano™ Hose Storage TapFix

The practical Liano™ TapFix + 15 m Liano™ set by GARDENA includes both the hose storage TapFix and a 15-meter-long Liano™ textile hose with watering sprayer. TapFix can be quickly and easily connected to almost any water tap (G 1", G 3/4" and G 1/2") without drilling or using tools. Due to the clever design, the wall remains intact during use or storage of the hose and is not scratched or damaged. A minimum distance of 50 cm must be maintained between the water tap and the floor. The storage is ideally suited for the Liano™ textile hose included in the set, but can also be used for Liano™ textile hoses up to a length of 20 meters. The included 15-meter-long textile hose consists of an inner hose, covered by a strong textile fabric. This makes it easy to maneuver around pots, garden furniture or around corners without bending or twisting. The watering sprayer, which is also included, can be used for watering potted plants and flower beds, for example. The long durability is supported by innovative UV and frost resistance and allows year-round outdoor storage. If you still want to store your Liano™ hose storage TapFix with the Liano™ textile hose for the winter months on the basement or garage wall, there is a hole on the back of the TapFix to hang it up out of the way. GARDENA gives you a manufacturer's warranty of 5 years on the Liano™ TapFix and a manufacturer's warranty of 30 years on the Liano™ textile hose.


Everything for storage and irrigation in one set

The Liano™ TapFix, a watering sprayer and a 10-meter Liano™ hose are all included in the set. The hose can be easily maneuvered around the garden or around corners without kinking or twisting.


Quick and easy assembly

The Liano™ TapFix can be connected to almost any water tap without drilling or using tools - 33.3 mm (G1") thread, 26.5 mm (G3/4") thread, 23 mm (G5/8") thread and 21mm (G1/2") thread


Undamaged walls

The clever design of the hose storage ensures that the wall neither gets scratched nor damaged by the Liano™ during use or storage.

UV/Frost resistent-P-001_4c

UV-resistant and frost-proof

The TapFix has innovative UV and frost resistance for long durability and year-round use.


Suitable for the textile hose Liano™

The TapFix is ideally suited for the Liano™ hose from GARDENA up to a maximum length of 20 meters.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 18595-20
EAN-Code 4078500058148
Included Components 15m Liano™, GARDENA System Parts, Sprayer and Liano™ Hose Storage TapFix
Hose length 15m
Burst Pressure 35 bar
Warranty 30 Years

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