GARDENA - Pipe Line System - Starter Set Pipeline

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GARDENA Pipeline Starter Set for garden watering

The Starter Set Pipeline from GARDENA contains all the important components for a successful set up of the GARDENA Pipeline System. The water is fed from the tap, through the Connecting Point, and into the underground pipelines. The two included Water Stations serve as connection outlets for a hose or the separately available GARDENA Pipeline connection devices such as the Oscillating Sprinkler or the Garden Water Tap, for example. As with all other system parts, the Water Station is a permanent installation. This ensures that water can be conveniently accessed at any point in the garden, exactly where you need it, similar to the use of a tap in the household. The Water Station is equipped with an automatic stop valve. This saves you the annoying walk to the tap, and even better, hardly a drop of water is lost while reconnecting attachments. The Drain Valve is used for automatic drainage as soon as you take the pipeline system out of operation. It is installed at the lowest point of the system and makes the system frost-proof. Both the Connecting Point and the two Water Stations of the garden pipeline are each equipped with a dirt filter for protection from dirt particles. The filters are easy to remove and clean under running water. All components of the Pipeline Set are of high quality and therefore UV-resistant. It can be extended unlimitedly with Pipeline components. The Starter Set Pipeline is a quality product made in Europe. Water wherever it is needed. The easy access to water: pipelines below ground.

Pipeline Set contents

The set includes 1 Maxi-Flow System connection set, 1 Connecting Point, 2 Water Stations, 1 T-Joint 25mm, 3 Connectors 25mm 3/4" female thread and 1 Drain Valve.

Convenient water access anywhere in the garden

The GARDENA Water Station is permanently installed underground and provides convenient water extraction at any point in the garden. Simply open the spherical cover, connect the hose and irrigate, pull off the hose and close the cover.

Easily clean dirt and limescale

The Connecting Point and each of the two Water Stations has dirt filter that prevents dirt particles clogging the system. The filter is removable and easy to clean under running water.

High-quality and frost-proof thanks to Drain Valve

Due to the use of premium materials, all components of the set are of high quality and UV-resistant. In addition, the Drain Valve protects the system from frost damage.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 8270-20
EAN-Code 4078500057714
Use Starter Set with two water station
Included Components 1 "Profi" Maxi-Flow System Connector Set, 1 Connecting Point, 2 Water Stations, 2 T-Joint 25 mm, 3 Connectors 25 mm x 3/4" female thread, 1 T-Joint 25 mm x 3/4" female thread, 1 Drain Valve
Warranty 2 Years

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