GARDENA - Repair Kit for Sileno Robotic Mowers

R 398.90


For repairing boundary wires and small adjustments of the mowing area

The GARDENA Repair Kit for Boundary Wire is ideal to repair your boundary wires and make small adjustments to the mowing area. With the repair set, you can easily repair the boundary wires and guide wires of your GARDENA robotic lawnmowers or adjust the mowing area to your needs. Included in the set are 5 m boundary wire, 10 hooks for fixing the cable in the ground, as well as 6 couplers. This way, you can easily connect your existing and new boundary wire.
For models 15201-40 / 15202-40 / 15101-40 / 15005-41

Technical Specifications

Article-No 4059-60
EAN-Code 4078500048194

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