GARDENA - Sprinkler system - Regulator and Shut-Off Valve

R 514.90


Regulation or shut-off of individual sprinklers

The GARDENA Regulator and Shut-off Valve – as part of GARDENA Sprinkler System – is used for manual regulation and shut-off of individual Pop-up Sprinklers or entire sprinkler groups. The water flow rate can be adjusted continuously or shut off completely. The top cover disappears inside the can when opened and therefore it is not an obstacle when mowing the lawn. The wide, circumferential rim avoids grass from growing into the lid. A removable sieve prevents soiling of the can when the lid is open. The GARDENA Regulator and Shut-Off Valve has a 3/4" male thread.

High functional safety

The pop-up spherical cover disappears inside of the Regulator- and Shut-off Valve when opened and thereby presents no obstacle for lawn mowing.

No dirtying

Thanks to the removable dirt filter, debris such as leaves or grass can be easily and tidily removed from the Regulator and Shut-off Valve.

Wide rim

The wide, circumferential rim prevents grass from growing into the cover, thus guaranteeing problem-free operation.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 8264-20
EAN-Code 4078500057950
Thread 3/4" male thread
Warranty 5 Years

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