GARDENA - Telescopic Pipe Extension for Rain Water Tank Pumps

R 180.10


Extends the length of all GARDENA telescopic pipes

This pipe extension is perfect to lengthen your pumps telescopic pipe if it does not fit to your needs. It extends the length by 21 cm. By multiple use even longer distances can be realized. It is suitable to all existing and older GARDENA Rain Water Tank Pumps with telescopic pipe and is made of high quality aluminium.



Extends the length by 21 cm

If the telescopic pipe of your rain water tank pump is not long enough for your application you can easily extend it with this accessory. As multi use is possible also longer distances can be bridged. Please note: the extension part is not telescopic.


Suitable for all GARDENA Rain Water Tank Pumps

This accessory fits to all genuine and former GARDENA Rain Water Tank Pumps

Technical Specifications

Article-No 1420-20
EAN-Code 4078500054966

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