GARDENA - Hedge Clippers EasyCut 200mm

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A well-balanced all-rounder

If you want to cut your hedge comfortably and extremely efficiently, the EasyCut from GARDENA will certainly come in handy. The high standard of the shears is confirmed by a 25-year guarantee. You will notice the quality as soon as you pick up the hedge pruners. Thanks to ErgoTec, the handles rest perfectly in your hands with their well-balanced shape and great ergonomics. In addition, the garden tool has a soft buffer, which ensures good cushioning and contributes to comfort. You will be impressed by the low weight of the shears, which is achieved by using very durable fibre-reinforced plastic. These plastic handles offer a firm hold so that every cut counts. The combination of all these features enables you work for a longer time without getting tired. The innovatively designed serrated edge of the blades stop any branches or twigs from slipping away from the cutters. The serrated edge achieves a high level of efficiency, especially when working on larger surfaces. The EasyCut turns out to be a true all-rounder, no matter if you are pruning your hedge, trimming the leaves of a shrub or cutting a branch.

Get a Grip - ErgoTec
The GARDENA hedge clippers are characterised by ErgoTec handles. These are round and well-balanced and therefore have a very ergonomic shape for hedge cutting, so that the shears rest perfectly in the hands in every position.

Making Light Work of your Garden Jobs
Due to the use of handles made of fibre-reinforced plastic, these shears have a low weight. This saves strength and energy, therefore you can work with the shears for a long time without getting tired.

On the Crest of a Wave - Efficient Cut
The blades of this hedge cutter have a serrated edge that will serve you well. This is because the cutting edge always achieves a high level of efficiency when cutting large areas. The serrated edge keeps the cut material in the cutting area of the shears and prevents it from slipping out. This results in higher effectiveness especially when cutting large areas.

A Spring in your Cut
GARDENA hedge clippers have a soft buffer that ensures good cushioning, is easy on the joints and contributes to comfort.

Strong and Sturdy
These shears are equipped with sturdy steel blades that ensure a long product lifespan and even thicker branches can be easily cut with the built-in branch cutter.

Non-stick coating
The blades are non-stick coated. This reduces friction, ensures easy cleaning and protects the shears from rust.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 12301-20
EAN-Code 4078500049092
Warranty 25 Years

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