GARDENA - Hedge Clippers PrecisionCut

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Beautifully shape your shrubbery.

If you have a particular shape in mind for your hedge, shrub or box tree, the PrecisionCut from GARDENA will help you to realize your vision. You can count on the reliability of these hedge clippers - as proven by the 25-year manufacturer's warranty. The practical hedge clippers have straight and very sharp blades so that every cut counts. In addition, the robust steel blades are non-stick coated so that no offcuts remain stuck to them. Friction is also reduced, resulting in a higher cutting performance. This allows you to concentrate fully on your work. Using the popular Z-shape of the shears, you can easily turn box trees into a spherical or spiral shape.
But that's not all, as the work is made much easier by other practical factors. The hedge clippers fit perfectly in your hands with the ErgoTec handles. In addition, the tool is extremely light, as the handles are made of fibre-reinforced plastic, but always offer a firm and secure grip. The low weight will prove to be very useful, especially for longer work. In combination with the excellent cushioning, there will be no signs of fatigue, as the wrists and arms are never put under excessive stress.

Cultivate your Creativity.
Thanks to the PrecisionCut's straight-cut blades, you'll be able to cut precisely. The hedge clippers are perfect for detailed work or cutting certain shapes such as the popular ball or spiral shape. The special Z-shape of the shears helps to cut a variety of shapes with ease.

Strong and Sturdy
The PrecisionCut is equipped with robust steel blades, which are durable and very sharp. These straight blades are perfect for precision cutting. They will get your box hedges into any desired shape.

Making Light Work of your Garden Jobs
Due to the use of handles made of fibre-reinforced plastic, these shears have a low weight. This saves strength and energy; therefore you can work with the cutter for a long time without getting tired.

Get a Grip - ErgoTec
The GARDENA hedge clippers are characterised by ErgoTec handles. These are round and well-balanced and therefore have a very ergonomic shape for the hedge cutting. The shears rest comfortably in the hands in every position.

A Spring in your Cut.
GARDENA hedge clippers have a soft buffer that ensures good cushioning, is easy on the joints and contributes to comfort.

Non-stick coating
The blades are non-stick coated. This reduces friction, ensures easy cleaning and protects the shears from rust.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 12302-20
EAN-Code 4078500049115
Warranty 25 Years

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