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Reg. No. L8461 N-AR 0999 Act No. 36 of 1947

An emulsifiable concentrate fungicide for the control of certain lawn diseases as indicated in the directions.

Size: 100 ml
EFEKTO SKU: 30706 | 30707 | 30708


  • Handle with care.
  • Poisonous when swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin.
  • May cause skin and eye irritation.
  • Toxic to fish and wildlife.
  • Store away from foods and feeds.
  • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Do not contaminate water supplies, dams and rivers.
  • RE-ENTRY INTERVAL: Do not enter treated area until spray deposit has dried unless wearing protective clothing. 


Active Ingredient:- Propiconazole (Triazole) 500 g/l (HARMFUL/SKADELIK) 


  • Wear rubber gloves and boots and a face shield when preparing spray mixture.
  • Avoid inhalation of spray mist and contact with skin and eyes.
  • In case of eye contact rinse eyes for several minutes with clean water.
  • In case of skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke whilst applying or preparing the spray mix, or before washing face and hands.
  • Prevent contamination of other crops, grazing, rivers and dams.
  • Avoid drift of spray onto other crops, grazing, rivers, dams and areas not under treatment.
  • Prevent contamination of food, feeds, drinking water and eating utensils.
  • Rinse empty container three times with a volume of water equal to a minimum of 10% of that of the container.
  • Destroy the empty container by perforating, flattening and never use for any other purpose.


For more directions for the use of Lawn Fungicide 500EC, please click here to download the

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