Manifold Elbow Union System - Male 25mm (1")

R 98.00



For direct attachment of female BSP threaded valves or fittings.

THE UNION FITTINGS with specially designed BSP/ACME nipple for attachment to female BSP threaded valves or fittings. The Union Manifold Fittings have a nut and separate nipple in place of the male thread. This enables the user to remove a valve from the manifold by unscrewing the nipple and taking the valve out without disassembling the manifold itself. This is particularly useful in valve boxes or installations where space is tight. The Union fittings have o’rings on the sealing faces of the fittings and the nipple to ensure a leak-proof seal without stressing the female thread of the valve by over tightening. All Union Fittings are supplied complete with the specially designed Manifold Nipple. This nipple has a 1” Male BSP thread on the valve side and a 1” ACME thread on the manifold side. To ensure a leak-proof seal, only this nipple can be used with the Emjay Manifold Union Fittings.

Code: - MM121

Thread: - 1″ BSP

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