GARDENA - Micro-Drip-System - Starter Set Flower Pots Medium Automatic

R 1,723.00

Care-free and water-saving irrigation - automatic

The GARDENA Micro-Drip-System Starter Set Plant Pots M automatic is used for the care-free and water-saving irrigation of 7 plant pots and 3 planters on balconies and patios. The pressure-reducing Master Unit is connected to the tap with the aid of a hose. The plant pots are accurately and individually watered via the pipe system using Drip Heads. The patented “Quick & Easy” connection technology permits all parts to be easily and quickly plugged together and disconnected again. The system is automatically controlled via the GARDENA Water Control.

1x Water Control Flex
1x Master Unit 1000
15 m Connecting Pipe
10 m Supply Pipe
1x T-Joint 13 mm (1/2")
10x Reducing T-Joint
15x Pipe Pegs 4.6 mm (3/16")
10x Pipe Pegs 13 mm (1/2")
7x Adjustable Endline Drip Head
9x 2 l Inline Drip Head
3x End Cap 4.6 mm (3/16")
2x End Cap 13 mm (1/2")
1x Cleaning Needle

Top product quality

GARDENA German-made quality products stand for trusted performance, reliability and continual innovation.

Water-saving irrigation

The water quantity per plant can be accurately dosed using the Micro-Drip-System drip irrigation. This results in individual, economical irrigation precisely aligned to requirements.

Immediately ready to use

The GARDENA Micro-Drip-System Starter Set Plant Pots M includes all the main components for water-saving irrigation of plant pots on balconies and patios. The Set can be extended as required using products from the GARDENA Micro-Drip-System and the Expansion Sets 13005 and 13006.

Flexible and easy handling

The patented “Quick & Easy” connection technology guarantees the easy set-up and conversion of the irrigation system as well as a permanently tight pipe connection.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 13002-20
EAN-Code 4078500018401
Use Start Set for 7 flower pots and 3 planters with the GARDENA Water Control Flex
Included Components 1 Water Control Flex, 1 Master Unit 1000, 15 m Connecting Pipe, 10 m Supply Pipe, 7 Adjustable Endline Drip, 9 Inline Drip head, 10 Reducing T-Joint, 4 End caps, 25 Pipe Pegs, 1 cleaning needle
Watering frequency daily, every 2nd / 3rd / 7th day

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