Motion Detector IS 1

by Steinel
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R 494.00
R 419.90

Targeted detection and attractive price. Infrared motion detector IS 1, for indoors and out, ideal for targeted coverage of small areas, 120° angle of coverage, reach up to 10 m, selectable time and twilight threshold, a sensor turns through 30° and tilts through 180° for exact adjustment of the detection zone.

High-tech. Low energy.

Are you looking for a starter model? The IS 1 infrared motion detector comes with perfected technology in an unadorned design. It is particularly reliable, can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and is the ideal solution for monitoring areas with precision targeting in front of buildings and on driveways. It also provides excellent quality of detection and can be tailored to the specific conditions on-site. The detector is wired up so quickly and easily, there's enough time left for gardening.

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