HUNTER Node-BT (BlueTooth) Battery Controllers

by Hunter
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Description - HUNTER NODE-BT

Number of Stations: 1, 2, 4
Bluetooth App Control

Manage gardens, greenhouses, traffic medians, and temporary irrigation sites from a smartphone without opening the valve box.

Avoid the valve box with the battery-operated NODE-BT controller! NODE-BT is enabled with powerful wireless Bluetooth® technology that can be easily managed from a smartphone. Install the waterproof NODE-BT in gardens, parks, medians, roundabouts, greenhouses, or other outdoor applications where AC power is unavailable.

NODE-BT is controlled by a multi-language smartphone app. The app maps controllers by location and sends battery-change reminders. Controllers can also be configured offline, which makes field adjustments quick and easy to deploy at a later time. Run-time flexibility is perfect for germinating seeds or other agricultural applications.

Best of all, NODE-BT makes battery-powered irrigation convenient and comfortable. For versatility during installation, the controller is mountable in five unique ways. Total app control removes the task of opening dirty valve boxes and programming irrigation schedules on a dark screen. Professionals can also enable irrigation and check battery status right on the controller with the touch of a button, greatly speeding up maintenance.

  • Number of stations: 1, 2, or 4

  • Remotely manage unlimited controllers up to 50' line-of-sight

  • Manually start, stop, or suspend irrigation for up to 99 days

  • Configure watering schedules with 3 programs and 8 start times each

  • Activate rain or soil moisture sensors, and set monthly seasonal adjust

  • See controller status, total watering and next start times, watering calendar, and irrigation logs

  • View battery health and signal status

  • Set battery change reminders every 3, 6, 9, or 12 months

  • Pin controllers on a map for faster locating

  • Copy and paste schedules from controller to controller for faster setup

  • View and edit irrigation schedules offline

  • View controller event logs and share them with other members

  • Assign images and rename stations and controllers

  • Add a passcode to each controller for additional security



The Hunter NODE-BT app has it all! Use the visual dashboard to check station status, total watering time, and the next system start time.

Dive-in to review irrigation logs and events, schedule changes, and even the last battery change date. You can also customize your app by adding images to stations, images to controllers, and renaming controllers, programs, and stations.


NODE-BT makes maintenance easier!When onsite, use the NODE-BT app to drop a location marker pin next to the valve box and when you return to the site, quickly locate the exact valve location via GPS.


Speed up controller programming with pre-saved schedules that are transferable to any NODE-BT controller in seconds. This tool reduces new controller setup time using pre-saved Start Times, Run Times, and Water Day configurations for sites that have identical landscapes allowing users to bypass these steps and continue with priorities. A saved schedule includes custom-named stations and programs, Seasonal Adjust triggers, and Cycle and Soak settings.


NODE-BT app allows you to view previously connected controller irrigation schedules and the ability to make full program changes offline.

When you return to the site, quickly connect and deploy pre-saved changes for ultimate convenience.

DC controllers inevitably require periodic battery replacement. Recall maintenance records inside the NODE-BT app with an option to set the last battery change date and receive battery change reminders.Set reminders to replace batteries for each controller every 3, 6, 9, or 12 months for added efficiency and timely service intervals.

Use the Cycle & Soak feature to set up run times ranging from 1 second to 12 hours. If you need help setting up your controller, use our Cycle & Soak Run Time Calculator to determine how long your program will run in each station/zone. Enter your desired mist (cycle) time and the wait (soak) time between irrigation events. Next, enter what time you want the program to start and end. The calculator will tell you the exact daily program run times.

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