HUNTER Nozzles - Speciality Short Radius

by Hunter
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Innovative Nozzle Solutions For Narrow Turf Areas, Planter Boxes, and Slopes

To accommodate the needs of narrow planting areas and other niche irrigating situations, Hunter offers a variety of specialty nozzles. Specialty models include center and end stripped, corner and side stripped, short radius, and multi-stream. This variety allows the system designer to incorporate a reliable, wind-resistant spray solution where traditional fixed or adjustable nozzles can’t get the job done. Built with the same durable construction and materials as all other Hunter Products, Hunter Specialty Nozzles were designed to ensure quality coverage and optimum pattern distribution in challenging situations.


  • Specifically designed for controlled irrigation of close-in spaces
  • Built to last in harsh conditions
  • Available in 0.6 m, 1.2 m and 1.8 m radius versions

Offical Chart
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