GARDENA - Oscillating Sprinkler Aqua Medium

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Precise, even watering for medium-sized lawns

With the Aqua M oscillating sprinkler from GARDENA, you’ll never have to depend on the rain to water your lawn again. It’s now up to you do decide when your garden is watered. What’s more, you’ll be sure that each time you water, it’s done reliably and – above all – evenly, without puddles forming. Enjoy every inch of summer.
The sprinkler is designed for areas measuring between 110 and 250 m². It’s extremely simple to use and ready to go in an instant. Once you’ve connected the hose, the slider gives you the option of setting the range between 8 and 18 metres. The width of the spray always remains max. 14 metres, though you do have the additional option of watering just one side of the lawn. The sprinkler’s use of metal ensures that it maintains a light weight while always remaining firmly on the ground.
The GARDENA Made in Germany sprinkler Aqua M is made of top-quality materials, which is particularly evident from two noteworthy details: first, the sprinkler is protected against UV radiation, and frost doesn’t affect it at all. In addition, it has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. A metal filter is located on the water connection so that dirt particles cannot enter the sprinkler. The filter pops out by turning the connection, and can then be removed and conveniently rinsed under water. At the other end a fine needle is placed in the screw cap, which you can use to poke open the sprinkler’s nozzles when they get clogged up by lime deposits.

Always nice and even
The nozzles of the Aqua M oscillating sprinkler continuously ensure even and highly precise lawn watering on areas of 110 to 250 m². The uniform watering also prevents puddles from forming.

As easy as pie
Assembling the oscillating sprinkler by hand and connecting a hose takes just a few steps. Use the slider to set the range (8–18 metres) as well as the type of watering. It allows you to water just one side (left or right) instead of watering both at the same time. The width of the spray always remains max. 14 metres.

Rain or shine
Whether it’s freezing or the sun is shining, the durable material of the Aqua M protects the oscillating sprinkler against frost and UV radiation.

As clean as a whistle
The water connection of the Aqua M has a rust-free metal filter that prevents dirt particles from entering the oscillating sprinkler. It can be removed so that you can clean it off easily under a tap. Use the needle located in the sprinkler’s screw cap to remove any lime deposits from the nozzles.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 18702-20
EAN-Code 4078500048019
Warranty 5 Years

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