GARDENA - Oscillating Sprinkler AquaZoom compact

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Precise, flexible and even watering for vegetable and flower beds

Thanks to the AquaZoom compact from GARDENA, you won’t just save lots of tiring work watering your vegetable and flower beds, you’ll save plenty of time as well. Most importantly, the uniform watering offered by the oscillating sprinkler ensures that your plants and vegetables flourish brilliantly. The precise nozzles also prevent puddles from forming. Enjoy every inch of summer.
The sprinkler is fitted with a round base that allows it to remain consistently stable on the ground. This makes it particularly well-suited to being placed in the middle of a vegetable bed to water the plants all around it. The AquaZoom compact covers a generous area ranging from 9 to 216 m². The settings slider allows you to flexibly determine both the range (3–18 metres) and the spray width (3–12 metres). The use of high-quality materials means that you can look forward to a Made in Germany 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as the assurance that neither frost nor UV radiation can damage your GARDENA sprinkler.
Maintenance is just as easy as operating the sprinkler. The nozzles are made of soft plastic, which makes cleaning significantly easier. If any lime is deposited on them, you can simply wipe it off by running your finger over the nozzles. In addition, a filter is built into the water connection to collect dirt particles. You can remove it easily and rinse it off under running water.



Always nice and even

The nozzles of the AquaZoom compact oscillating sprinkler continuously ensure even and highly precise watering of your flower and vegetable beds on areas of 9 to 216 m². The uniform watering also prevents puddles from forming.


As easy as pie

Assembling the oscillating sprinkler by hand and connecting a hose takes just a few steps. The configuration dials allow you to determine both the range (3–18 metres) and the spray width, which can be set anywhere between 3 and 12 metres. The configuration dials also make it possible to limit the oscillating motion to one side. The regulation of the water flow rate offers possibilities for fine adjustment as well.

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Rain or shine

Whether it’s freezing or the sun is shining, the durable material of the AquaZoom compact protects the oscillating sprinkler against frost and UV radiation.


As clean as a whistle

The water connection of the AquaZoom compact has a filter that prevents dirt particles from entering the oscillating sprinkler. It can be removed so that you can clean it off easily under a tap. Since the spray nozzles are made from soft plastic, any lime deposits can be removed easily by wiping them off with your finger.


Always a firm stand

The AquaZoom compact’s round base allows it to always remain stable on the ground.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 18708-20
EAN-Code 4078500048057
Warranty 5 Years

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