GARDENA - Soft Sprayer

R 157.80


Handy Soft Sprayer for watering seedlings

The first green of a seedling is always a beautiful sight. With the appropriate irrigation by the Soft Sprayer from GARDENA cultivation will certainly sprout with success. The Soft Sprayer enables you to to supply your seedlings with water in a targeted and gentle manner through drip or spray irrigation, which also prevents the small plants and soil from being washed out. Look forward to using the useful 2-in-1 function and equip the soft sprayer with either a drip nozzle or a shower sprinkler head. This gives you greater flexibility when watering your seedlings. You will always keep both the drip nozzle and the shower sprinkler to hand, as the sprayer is equipped with an integrated storage facility. The housing is made of a translucent material so that you can see inside the 450 ml container and keep an eye on how much water is left. The handy design makes it extremely easy to use. Just squeeze it and watering begins.



Precise irrigation

The Soft Sprayer enables a targeted and gentle shower or fine irrigation. This prevents the soil from being washed out.


Practical 2-in-1 function

Equipped with a useful 2-in-1 function (drip nozzle and shower sprinkler head included) it offers maximum flexibility for different seedlings.


Clever storage

The Soft Sprayer has an integrated storage space for the unused nozzle. This helpful feature means that both nozzles are always available.


Best view of the water level

Since the Soft Sprayer is made of a translucent material, you can always see how much water is still in the 450 ml container.


Easy handling

The Soft Sprayer fits well in the hand. Press the squeezy bottle to start watering.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 11102-20
EAN-Code 4078500052290
Ultra fine spray mist No

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