GARDENA - ClickUp! RainGauge

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ClickUp! The all-season lifestyle system. For a garden with collected rainfall.

It is often difficult to estimate how much moisture the garden and its plants already have and how much it still needs. But with the precise display of the ClickUp! RainGauge you can see exactly how much watering the rain has already done. This rain gauge belongs to the innovative GARDENA ClickUp! range, a flexible and individual garden design system. ClickUp! RainGauge can be easily attached to the base element, a larch wood staff, using the practical One-Click mechanism and just as easily taken down. With this system, the various decorative attachments can be exchanged easily and flexibly. Once you have connected the elements, the connection remains stable and wobble-free. This precipitation attachment is made of a highly transparent and particularly robust PMMA plastic. It not only survives cold days with frost, but also a cleaning process in the dishwasher without being damaged. So that you can estimate exactly how much water your garden still needs, the rain gauge has a particularly clear and legible scale of the precipitation quantity and measures it from 0 to 100 l / m². For the correct display, the rain gauge should be emptied daily as required by simply removing it from the wooden stick with the One-Click connection. GARDENA gives a five-year guarantee on the high-quality RainGauge. The all-season lifestyle system.



GARDENA ClickUp! System

The GARDENA ClickUp! system is a flexible garden design system. With a basic element, the ClickUp! Handle and various attachments, you can design your garden to suit your individual needs.


Clear indication

With the ClickUp! RainGauge you have a precise overview of the amount of rainfall. The clear and easy to read scale records the precipitation from 0 to 100 l / m².


Flexible and sturdy

The innovative One-Click connection makes it easy to attach and detach both ClickUp! elements. Once ClickUp! RainGauge and ClickUp! Handle are connected, the connection is particularly stable and wobble-free.


Easy draining

For exact measuring results you should regularly empty the rain gauge by simply releasing it from the wooden handle and pouring it out.


High quality

The ClickUp! RainGauge is made of particularly high-quality PMMA material and is robust and durable. The highly transparent material is both frost-proof and dishwasher-safe.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 11340-20
EAN-Code 4078500054515
Warranty 5 Years

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